Tim's Rivershore
Tim’s Rivershore is an excellent location for eagle spotting, and crabcakes.
May 29, 2014 by Bradley Caricofe, Filed: Bald Eagle Spotting

A local landmark for over 20 years, Tim’s Rivershore is a fun and relaxing eagle-spotting destination. At the waterside restaurant and crabhouse, you can enjoy signature seafood and drink specials while waiting for bald eagles to pass nearby or even swoop in and grab a fish.

Tim’s also holds a number of popular events each year, including a spring Crawdad Festival, monthly Full Moon Bonfire parties, and a large “Not on the 4th” fireworks show over the Potomac River.


Address: 1510 Cherry Hill Road, Dumfries, VA, 22026
GPS: 38.568963, -77.262363
Phone: 703-441-1375
Email: info@timsrivershore.com


Tim’s Rivershore is one of our favorite bald eagle viewing destinations. Tim’s signature food and drink options are second to none, and bald eagles will often fly over even when there are large crowds or events.

Inspect the tree lines for an ocassional bald eagle resting or dining. Take your time; they can be difficult to spot.

Adult and juvenile bald eagles can often be seen resting along the tree line far to the north, waiting to spot a fish who has wandered to close to the surface. You may spot them circling high above the water, or even floating along the shoreline toward Tim’s. They will often fly right across the restaurant.

The outdoor seating area around the Tiki Bar at Tim’s Rivershore offers views shoreline views to the north and south. If you brought binoculars or a camera with a long lens you can often easily spot eagles resting along the tree line. Sometimes an eagle will fly in and scoop up a fish right in front of the restaurant, often flying away with the catch right above the heads of Tim’s patrons.

To the south, bald eagles can often be seen dotting the tree line or flying circular patterns in search of food. Binoculars or a long camera lens are required for viewing eagles in this area.



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