Bald Eagle Near Dominion Possum Point Power Station
Bald eagle flying along the Potomac shoreline near Dominion’s Possum Point Power Station.

Despite its remarkable recovery, the bald eagle population in our region still faces a number of threats. Loss of habitat and pollution contribute to the need for ongoing conservation efforts to ensure that our National Symbol remains protected into the future.

Since our inception, Potomac River Bald Eagles has worked on a number of issues that have threatened the health of bald eagle habitats in our area. Your help is needed to create awareness of situations that stand to harm our local wildlife resources, and to defeat measures that favor business and government cost cutting over environmental stewardship.

Our power comes from numbers, and our community consists of thousands of supporters from the DC area and beyond. We don’t require much in the way of time or money. To remain informed on local bald eagles issues, please follow us on Facebook, join our quarterly email newsletter, and share our important “take action” posts with family, friends, and the media.

If you would like to acquire a bald eagle stock image, or a limited edition print, one-hundred percent of the proceeds from your purchase will go toward furthering our mission to protect bald eagles along the Nation’s River. If you would like an in-depth explanation of how we spend our annual income on initiatives, please contact us.